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Why You Shouldn’t Kill Bees

Why You Shouldn’t Kill Bees

One of nature’s busiest creatures are bees. They are seemingly always flying from one flower to another, performing up to 80% of the world’s pollination.

Although bees serve a vitally important function, sometimes, they can be of concern to humans, when they nest within the structures of our homes.

Why are Bees Important?

What makes bees so important to life on our planet, is the fact that they pollinate plants through flowers. For this reason, bees are considered to be pollinators.

What is Pollination?

Pollination is the transference of pollen grains from a male a flower to a female flower to enable fertilization, thus, facilitating plant reproduction.

Why is Pollination is important?

Pollination is important because it almost all of the world’s seed plants require it. Put another way, without pollination, roughly 80% of the world’s food producing plant population could not exist. Imagine a world with far fewer vegetables (some vegetables don’t require pollination) or no plants for livestock to eat, such as alfalfa, which rely on pollination.

Benefits of Pollination

One of the best known benefits of pollination is that it leads to the production of honey and beeswax, which are quite useful to humans.

Then there are the Environmental benefits of pollination.

Carbon Sequestration

Flowering plants and soil absorb and store up to 30% of the carbon dioxide in the earth’s atmosphere that is created by humans.

Water cycle

The water cycle is a series of extremely complex processes in nature. One of these is called transpiration, a process through which plants put moisture back into the atmosphere from the soil.

Reduction in Erosion and Increase in Water for Drinking

An abundance of plants life helps to mitigate soil erosion because plant cover will slow down rainfall as it hits the ground. Additionally, this also helps to replenish our groundwater supply. This is achieved through a reduction in runoff from the ground which enables more rain water to be absorbed into the soil that ends up in natural groundwater reservoirs.

So, there you have it. Bees are very important to life on our planet, so please don’t kill them.

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