What are Carpenter Bees and Where do They Live?

Carpenter bees are the largest species of bees, and are usually found throughout the Southern U.S., including in Arizona. The female carpenter bee has a smooth, plump black abdomen (similar to a bumble bee, except a bumble bee has a hairy abdomen). The male carpenter bee is either black or gold colored.

Do Carpenter Bees Sting?

Male carpenter bees cannot sting (has no stinger), but they will aggressively fly around a perceived threat, to protect their territory.

Female carpenter bees, however, can sting (has a stinger), but rarely do, unless you are really bothering them. When they do sting, it is very painful.

Where do Carpenter Bees Live?

Unlike honey bees, the vast majority of carpenter bees live a solitary life. Typically, a carpenter will chew through wood to create a tunnel that can be upwards of 10 feet in length. It is there the carpenter bee creates its nest, where it will store food and lay eggs.

Are Carpenter Bees, Pollinators?

Yes, carpenter bees pollinate plants and flowers. However, while carpenter bees do pollinate and eat nectar, they do not produce honey.

Can Carpenter Bees Cause Damage to My Home?

Over time, carpenter bees can chew through the wood within a home such that there may be quite a labryrinth of tunnels. As such, if you suspect there are carpenter bees in your home’s wood structure, we recommend that you have them exterminated.

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