Are Bees attracted to swimming pools?

Swimming pools are very popular in the Phoenix, AZ metro area (Valley of the Sun), but not just for humans.
If you have spent enough time around your swimming pool, you may have seen bees flying around it, or some dead ones floating in the water.
As a result, you may be wondering why your pool is also very popular with the bees.

Why are Bees Flying Around Your Swimming Pool?

There are a few reasons why bees gravitate to a swimming pool, and here they are.

It is an Obvious Source of Water

All living things on earth need water to survive, and bees are no different. While your swimming pool may be a source of fun for you and your family, it is a source of drinking water for the bees in your area.

Bees not only need to drink water, but they also use it to bring down the temperature within their hives.

Bees also gather water to combine with honey and pollen to create food for themselves as well as their brood.

There is Food Nearby

If you are hanging out by the swimming pool, it’s likely that you have some food and drinks with you. These edible delights attract bees. Why? That is because bees are attracted to the scent of certain types of foods, such as sugary and/or salty snacks such as fruit, sodas and even meat and cheese.

You are Wearing Sunscreen Lotion

Bees are attracted to anything that smells like flowering plants. That means if you are wearing If certain types of fragrant sunscreens, shampoos, and perfumes, you may be encouraging bees to pay you a visit.

Are Bees attracted to the Chlorinated Pool Water?

Thus far, there is no definitive proof to confirm that bees are attracted to the smell of chlorine. Sadly, consumption of chlorinated water can indeed be harmful to bees, such that it can result in their untimely death.

Can Bees Swim?

Bees don’t swim in water. Instead, they may be positioned along the water’s edge or on a small stone, which will enable them to access the pool water to either drink or gather to bring back to the hive.

How Can You Discourage Bees from coming near your pool?

That’s the million-dollar question. If you’d like to mitigate the appeal of your swimming pool to bees, you may want to consider doing the following.

• Eliminate, or put into sealed containers, all food and sugary drinks nearby
• Get rid of any objects near your pool where bees can nest
• Do not wear any fragrant perfumes or colognes.
• Try not to have any flowers nearby

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