Bee Removal Mesa AZ

Florence Bee Removal

Bee Removal in Florence AZ
Live Bee Removal

Live Bee Removal Florence

Get rid of bees with our humane live bee removal and bee relocation.

Honeycomb Removal

Honeycomb Removal Florence

We can remove beehives and honeycombs embedded in structures.

Bee Removal Repair & Sealing Service

Repair Service Florence

We repair structures where the honeycomb removal took place.

The Beehive Bee and Wasp Removal, Bee Control in Florence, AZ. & Surrounding Cities

THE BEEHIVE is Arizona’s Fast, Friendly and Affordable Bee and Wasp Removal for Florence, Arizona

Most wild beehives in Arizona are European honey bees. This knowledge comes from our 30 years of experience in dealing with beehives. Domestic bees can also act aggressive at certain times of the year or day, They can be unpredictable and temperamental — somewhat like Africanized Bees.

A bee swarm should be removed promptly before it turns into an established beehive colony.

As professional beekeepers, we know how to handle any bee problem.

Bee removal is our expertise. We specialize in beehive removal, wasp removal and removal of any other type of flying and stinging insects.

Honey bees grow fast and can build up to a 200-pound beehive within a matter of mere months. It’s best to have the bees removed as soon as they are discovered. In other words, call us the moment you discover them.

We try to do live bee removal and bee relocation to a beekeeper when possible. We have absolutely unsurpassed experience when it comes to bee removal.

“I discovered a large beehive attached to the front of my home, basically hidden but in plain view. I called The BEEHIVE and within 30 minutes Kevin arrived at my home. I highly recommend The BEEHIVE to anyone with a bee problem.”
– Wence Valero

We specialize in difficult problem jobs (the kind that the others don’t want to handle) to the basic bee swarm or wasp removal.

We serve homeowners, commercial clients, property managers, HOA, apartment complexes, schools and municipalities.

Specializing in:

  • Removal of domestic European honey bees
  • Removal of Africanized bees
  • Wasp control
  • Extermination of yellow jackets
  • Extermination of of hornets
  • Live bee removal
  • Bee rescue and relocation
  • Bee swarm removal
  • Removal of bees at swimming pools, water fountains
  • Bee removal from walls, attics, trees and structures of all kinds
  • Any bee problem you can imagine!

Practicing safe bee elimination and bee control techniques, while protecting your family, pets and property!

Keeping our customers happy is our #1 goal.

Locally owned and operated.

Yes, THE BEEHIVE offers effective bee and wasp removal for Florence!

  • Fast, friendly and professional technicians
  • Licensed, bonded and insured
  • Emergency service available
  • Our extensive construction experience makes us the best choice for repair work
  • Guaranteed work
  • Recommended by pest control companies throughout the Valley
  • More than 30 years of unsurpassed experience
  • State certified technicians
  • On Angie’s List
  • Thousands of satisfied customers
  • Locally owned and operated

Our 24-Hour Services Include:

  • 1-hour response time
  • Bee removal from HOAs, family dwellings, businesses
  • Working with property management firms
  • Bee control, wasp removal, and removal other stinging insects

You’ll love our great customer service!

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