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When the temperature gets warmer, honeybee activity increases as they prepare for the spring nectar flows. The bees start rapidly multiplying to have enough worker bees to gather the nectar. When population increases, the bees start swarming in search of new places to build hives. It takes about six weeks to build a hive big enough for the bees to swarm during this season. Bees are essential to our agriculture and food production, so we keep the bees alive whenever possible. However, when they have taken up residence inside your home attic or inside walls or inside of trees they often cant be removed alive. Bees should be removed as soon as possible especially when their at your home. The sooner the better, its much better to catch bees alive when they just arrived.

Things you can do to avoid getting stung by bees:

  1. Stay away from the beehive.
    While bees generally only become aggressive when they feel threatened, this is not always the case. They are very unpredictable, acting tame one day and killer bees the next. The best way to avoid being stung is to stay away from the hive.
  2. Let a professional take care of the bee problem.
    There are a lot of myths about how to avoid getting stung by bees, such as:
  • Stay perfectly still if they attack.
  • They’ll only attack you if you’re afraid.
  • They’ll only attack you if you bother them.

All of these beliefs are wrong. Trust us — we have more than 30 years of experience. If bees are attacking you, the best advice is to get inside as fast as possible. Don’t try jumping in the pool because guess what… they’ll wait for you! Little children and senior citizens are at higher risk of getting multiple stings because little children don’t know to run away and senior citizens often can’t run fast enough to get away and go inside.