Bee Sting vs Wasp Sting, Which is Worse?

Like residents in most parts of the United States, the vast majority of Arizonans have had some type of interaction with bees and wasps, whether it is observing them from afar, or being stung by these little guys.

So, it is pretty common knowledge that bee and wasp stings are no picnic. In fact, stings from both of these insects can be quite painful, or even deadly, if you are allergic to their venom.

Differences between a Bee Sting and a Wasp Sting

Although most people might think bee and wasp stings are essentially the same, there are some important distinctions.

The Stinger

When you are stung by a bee, its stinger detaches and remains inside your skin. This is a good thing in that that same bee cannot sting you again.

However, when a wasp stings you, its stinger does not come off the wasp’s body, which means it can repeatedly sting you which can make for a more painful encounter.

The Venom

Bee and wasp venom both contain allergens, although they are comprised of a different chemicals (peptides). Wasp venom is usually considered to be stronger than that of a bee.

That said, bee and wasp stings will result in the introduction of histamine into your body, which causes skin irritation.

The Amount of Venom

Even though a bee is only able to sting once, it will inject all of its venom into your body. Wasps, on the other hand, inject smaller amounts per sting, but because they can repeatedly sting you, the total amount of venom injected into you can be larger, depending upon the number of times you are stung.

So, Which is Worse, a Bee Sting or a Wasp Sting?

It depends on how you define “worse”. Worse in the sense of immediate pain from the initial sting of a single bee, or from repeated stings from an aggressive wasp? Well, most would agree, that a single sting from a bee would probably be less painful and psychologically harrowing than multiple stings from the same wasp.

But what about a swarm of Africanized bees aggressively stinging you as compare to a single wasp stinging you repeatedly?

The answer to that question also depends on the person being stung.

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