Bees at my swimming pool or water fountain

What do I do about bees drinking water at my swimming pool?

These are some of the many questions asked about bees drinking water at a swimming pool or water fountain as well as Rock features and ponds Etc.

In the summer months bees love to get around swimming pools.

Controlling bees drinking water at a pool can be a little bit tricky. When it comes to bees drinking water at a pool or water source the goal is to get the bees drinking water elsewhere, the repellent treatment we use doesn’t kill the bees it is a Humane bee repellant treatment. ┬áIt’s the only thing that we don’t guarantee, there are some pools that can be very stubborn to control the bees at, but we do get great results with our repellent treatment. There are many gimmicks that simply just don’t work such as using skillet an algaecide in the water or making it a saltwater pool to get rid of the bees or wasp or adding lots of chlorine another thing that doesn’t work is using soapy water, it can turn your pool into a bubble bath. Actually the bees don’t care if it’s saltwater or freshwater they will still drink from a saltwater or freshwater pool with lots of chlorine or not with an algaecide or not.

Where are the bees coming from?

It’s common to have more than one beehive drinking at your water source. Often it is multiple hives drinking water not just one hive.

Often bees Target swimming pools and water fountains of residents that live close to a mountainous areas. Bees love to come from the rocks down to the pools below, in the summer months it can be a real nuisance.

Trying to locate The Beehive is like looking for a needle in a haystack honey bees forage up to three miles distance from their hive so locating the beehive can be very difficult and even if there is a hive found that is no guarantee it’s drinking at your pool or water source. The best solution in this situation is to have a repellent treatment.

Bee repellent treatment

At the beehive we have the best available repellent treatment it’s actually a trade secret that we pride ourselves on. We have special mixture of repellents the does a great job of repelling the bees.

If you have questions or a problem with bees at your pool or fountain we would love to help, thank you for reading.




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