Live Bee Relocation / Rescue

Bee Rescue and Relocation

Bee rescue and relocation is such a great thing to do, why, it’s too help Preserve the bee population that has taken some heavy blows the past couple of decades. Varroa mites as well as tracheal mites have hit the bees pretty hard in Arizona especially the varroa mite it gets on the outside of the bee and inside the cell where the larva goes through metamorphosis, the mite will stay inside the cell as the Bee goes through metamorphosis, it then eats the wings of the bees and a bee without wings gets rejected and kicked out of the hive, the bees will actually carry the bees with No Wings and fly off with it out of the hive dropping it a distance from the hive.


Being kind to Bees

There has been quiet a push towards Humane live bee removal since about year 2012. The general public is finally realizing the importance of helping bees survive the problems that are prevalent in most commercial beekeeping operations. At the Beehive we try to relocate every bee colony possible. There are though some instances where bee rescue and relocation is just not possible, for instance inside of a concrete or block wall or in a small cave on the side of a cliff or inside of a hollow tree. These are all places where doing live bee removal is just not possible. But for the bees that are accessible bee relocation is a great option we need all the little pollinators we can get. My father has been a lifelong beekeeper as well as my brothers luckily we at the beehive have the perfect resource for rescuing bees and relocating them my family / father and brothers take all the bees that we can give them. They put them in their beehives out on the farm and get them producing honey as well as pollinating crops in Arizona and California.


Liability concerns with Bee rescue

A common problem with Humane bee removal is that bees can often get very aggressive and the attempted rescue can become more of a liability then it’s worth. Trying to relocate an established bee colony is can be hazardous to humans and animals especially small children or the elderly. Choosing a company that is Arizona State licensed from the OPM (office of Pest Management) is very important. And why is it so important because any pest control company that is State licensed must have a minimum of one million liability insurance. At the Beehive we actually have a two-million-dollar policy. Along with workman’s comp for the employees. There are some bee removal companies that are subpar companies with no insurance no state license no annual training and so on. It would be wise to stay away from such companies just for the fact that they are not licensed with no insurance. Hiring a company with no insurance puts the liability on the homeowner. Hiring an unlicensed company means that you get sued should something happen. But here’s the big concern doing live bee removal requires sometimes that you have to spray such as in a case of killer bees trying to remove a hive of killer bees is not recommended. Beekeepers don’t want them there just too mean to work with. An unlicensed company can’t spray any chemical it’s actually against the law for them to use any chemical not being licensed. This is where the liability problem rests. And aggressive Hive can fly out 3-4 even 5 houses away is stinging people or animals. And I certainly wouldn’t want that at my house. Using an experienced company with license technicians is always the better choice.

If you have a bee or wasp problem give us a call we would love to help thank you.



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