How do I know I’m choosing the right company for bee removal

When it comes to Bee Removal, Safety always comes first


When it comes to bee removal there can be lots of precarious situations for not only the bee removal technician removing the bees but for your self and your neighbors as well, little children and pets and senior citizens are at higher risk of getting stung.

Bees love to get up around roof and at high places. This means the technician has to get right up there where the bees are at to get rid of them. walking on roofs and climbing up and down ladders is not the safest job.


Hire a licensed Bee Control company by the Arizona State OPM


Make sure to check and look for an office of Pest Management license number on their website. If you don’t see the OPM license number then they are not State licensed. This is probably the number one safety concern Paul explain further.

Choosing a company that is Arizona State licensed by the office of Pest Management is always at the top of the list. It’s a law any pest control company in the state of Arizona has to comply with all of the opm’s regulations and rules. They must carry a minimum of $1000000 liability insurance. Each technician has to have so many hours of schooling each year and trained how to use chemicals in abide by all this office of Pest Managements laws and regulations. A bee removal company that is not licensed by the Arizona State is a subpar company that puts you and your loved ones at risk. They cannot spray or kill any bees it’s against the law so they push live bee removal but this is not always a safe practice especially when it’s an established beehive colony. Bees can quickly get out of hand and get very aggressive within seconds containing an aggressive hive requires spraying the bees. An unlicensed company by the OPM does not have the proper insurance to cover you nor themselves. It’s always best to hire the right company for a risky job. A lawsuit is the last thing you would want from somebody getting hurt or if the worker falls off your roof. If the company is not licensed you are the one that can be sued by not hiring a licensed company.


Are they in good standing with the Better Business Bureau


Choosing a company that’s a member of the Better Business Bureau always gives you the opportunity to have a mediator mediate any differences that may arise.

Did you know that companies have to pay the Better Business Bureau a monthly fee? yes it’s true. And it benefits the consumer not so much the business, it’s for the consumer. Dose the Bee extermination or live bee relocation service have a BBB-A+ Rating?

Also reading the Better Business Bureau reviews is a great way to know a business further, you got to hear other people’s perspective and experiences they’ve had with a company.


Does the company carry workman’s compensation for their employees?


This can be a huge problem companies that don’t care enough about their employees to have workman’s compensation, probably won’t care that much about their customers. Having workman’s compensation today is so important it covers the worker in case they fall off a roof or get hurt it protects you from a lawsuit as well as the company.


Checking reviews


Checking reviews on Google and Facebook or Yelp & Angie’s List as well as the Better Business Bureau are great resources to read about the Integrity of a company and how satisfied the public is with the bee removal service.  How many years has the pest control company been in business?





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