Honeycomb melt down

In the hot summer months a common problem with bee infestations inside of structures is that the honeycomb can meltdown. Bees have to bring in water not only for themselves and the other house bees they use it to keep their beehive cool, by placing tiny droplets of water around the beehive they fan their wings over it to cool the hive.

Sometimes after all their efforts, it Can’t Stop the honeycomb from becoming too hot especially on the outer edges of the beehive it can melt down and leak out.

If you ever notice bees in a wall or roof it’s always recommended to get them removed as soon as possible before large amounts of honeycomb and honey are stored up in the wall.

The Beehive LLC bee and wasp removal Specializes in honeycomb removal and extraction and clean up as well as repair where the colony of bees were located at such as roofs walls.



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