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How to Stop Bees from Building a Beehive at Your Home

It would be nice to prevent bees from making a beehive in you attic or walls of your home but the fact is it’s difficult to keep them out completely.

The attic or crawl space is a perfect place for bees to build a honeycomb. it’s a nice comfortable warm place for them in the spring and usually move in before the weather gets hot. Swarm season is in the spring and bees like to get inside voids around home at this time of year.

Checking Underneath the Eve for Holes

The first thing you can do is get a ladder and go around up underneath the eve of your home ceiling up every crack or hole that the bees could get into.

This will prevent bees from getting in the Attic that’s their number one favorite place to go. It makes a great hiding place for them to get away from the elements.

Next, you could check the vent holes to make sure they’re all intact. Woodpeckers love to pack them out looking for bugs. If they’re missing replace them.

Caulking Vents and Wires Coming out of Walls

After you get up underneath the roof done you will have made fantastic progress next you want to seal up the vents or holes on the walls of your home. Bees love to get in dryer vents or around the garage at the electrical box or any holes in the walls.

Ceiling Around the Window Box in Front of the Home

Many homes have a window box in front of the home below the front windows it’s a hollow void that bees like to get into. Going around the bottom of your home goes a long ways from preventing bees getting inside the walls.

At this point you’ve done a home seal.

There’s one more thing to do and that is to screen the vents on the roof but make sure you don’t scream the dryer vent. And when you’re done with that you are complete and that will go a long ways to stop bees from nesting at your home.

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