Removing Bees Inside an Attic or Crawl Space

How do you remove a honeycomb from inside an attic?

Bees love to find a nesting place that’s protected from the elements. They start by scouting out a suitable location that will serve their purpose while keeping them out of the rain and wind as well as cold and extreme heat. They prefer to be inside of a void in a wall or under a shed but up at the roof area in the crawl space or attic is their favorite place. In this picture we are using a camera that’s on the end of a flexible long cord to search for honeycomb that should be removed if it’s big enough.

Why Honeycombs Need to be Removed Quickly

If a swarm of bees have entered up around the roof area under the eave or in the attic, it’s recommended to have the honeycomb removed properly from a professional. This eliminates odor as well as other insects being attracted to the honeycomb, other bees can zero in on the honey that is left behind and the next thing you know you have a infestation of honey bees again.

Another huge reason why you would want to have the honeycomb removed is because it melts down. The honeycomb can meltdown and get in the walls and in light sockets switches under the carpet and on the carpet at the baseboard. The honey can leak down at all kinds of places in the kitchen cabinets or in closets it can drip through circular round lights.

If you notice bees around your attic we would be grateful to serve you, we have the knowledge and equipment to get the job done properly.

It’s always best to get rid of bees right away especially when the a beehive is established in your attic or roof area.

Spring is on the way, and so are bees! Get your bees removed soon before they get out of control. The Beehive specializes in bee and wasp removal.

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