Reoccurring Bee Infestations

You may be one of the unfortunate people in Metro Phoenix that asks themselves, why do bees keep coming to my home every year or even multiple times a year.

If you’ve ever been in this situation before you’re not alone, there are thousands of homeowners and business owners throughout Phoenix and the surrounding cities that just seem to have a continual problem with bee reoccurring bee infestations.

So why do bees like to come back to the same place?

Perhaps there was honeycomb left behind from a previous infestations or there may be a hobbyist beekeeper close by with multiple hives that keep swarming. Strong bee hives can produce lots of swarms every year especially in the spring. They really like to have shelter such as under a shed or inside an old tree.

The scent of unremoved honeycomb and the odor of the bee pheromone in the beehive can easily attract bees again.

Bees leave a pheromone behind and of course the scent of the honey and If you have ever had a bee infestation weather Africanized bees or domestic honey bees there’s a good chance that they will want to come back to the same place. Bees like to get in voids such as an Attic or under a shed. Once they have been there for several weeks they will have some honeycomb built up. This honeycomb has a scent. The odor is just like a lure for bees, they will zero in on it and the next thing you know you have bees back in the same place.

Steps to Take to Stop the Re-infestation

Removing the honeycomb and sealing the odor is always best. This not only gets rig of the odor but it prevents the honey from leaking in walls etc. Deodorizing and sealing the area where the hive was at is important after the honeycomb has been removed. Caulking any cracks or holes that bees could get into will go a long ways in preventing a reoccurring problem.

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