What Kind of Wasps Are Found in Phoenix, Arizona?

Although there are approximately 100,000 + species of wasps, there are just 3 that call Phoenix and surrounding areas, home. Those would be the Yellow Jacket, the Mud Dauber and the Paper Wasp.

Yellow Jackets

Yellow Jackets are perhaps the most common species of wasp found in the Phoenix metro are. They are a smaller species of wasp, usually less than .75 inches long.

Yellow Jackets are easily recognized by their bright, high-contrast yellow and black striped, narrow bodies.

Yellow Jackets have a well-earned reputation for being aggressive, and as such, they commonly sting humans who provoke them. That said, you will typically find nests of Yellow Jackets inside or near manmade structures such as the walls or attic of a home. However, Yellow Jackets will also build their nests in the ground and inside trees.

Paper Wasps

There are a few different types of paper wasps in Arizona, but the European paper wasp is one that most closely resembles the Yellow Jacket. That is because the European paper wasp has a bright yellow and black striped markings, similar to the Yellowjacket. However, the European paper wasp is a little bit slimmer and longer than the Yellow Jacket.

Paper wasps are considered to be generally less aggressive than Yellow Jackets.

Mud Dauber Wasp

The Mud Dauber wasp gets its name from the fact that it builds its nest from mud. Unlike the Yellow Jacket, the mud dauber wasp generally does not live in nests among others.

The mud dauber wasp is much less aggressive than the Yellow Jacket and paper wasp, and generally will only sting if it feels threatened or provoked.

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