How does the Heat Wave Affect Bees in Arizona?

Bees, like most if not all, living things on our planet, are indeed impacted by extremely high temperatures, That’s why it’s critically important that bees have access to enough water.

How often do Bees Drink Water?

Unlike humans, bees do not need to drink water every single day. Rather, bees actually drink water every couple of days.

How do bees Gather water?

Bees will collect some water (from pools, rainwater puddles, ponds, lakes irrigation systems, bird baths, fountains, etc.) while they are foraging for pollen and nectar, which they bring back to the hive.

Why is Water Essential to Bees?

Access to water enables bees to better moderate their hive’s temperature and humidity levels. So, when the Phoenix, Arizona area’s desert temperatures reach triple digits, bees will use water, as they fan their wings, to cool down the hive.

Water is also used to make beebread, a nutritious, protein-rich, mixture of pollen and nectar, that is fed to the majority of their larvae. These larvae then become worker bees which are necessary to the future survival of the beehive.

Is Deep Water Dangerous for Bees?

The short answer is yes. Bees are susceptible to drowning. As such, bees will generally seek out shallow sources of water such as the aforementioned, bird baths, water fountains and the like.

Should You Leave out a dish of water for bees?

If you believe in conservation, then you may want to help our little bee friends. How? You can leave a shallow dish of water, together with some small rocks or stones that sit slightly above the water level. This enables the bees to safely rest on the rocks while they gather water.

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