Hiring a Bee Removal Company? Here’s the 1 Must-Ask Question

Before hiring a bee removal service, make sure the company is a state licensed contractor.

There are never-ending horror stories of the danger of hiring an unlicensed contactor, whether it’s for bee removal or any other service at your home.

Don’t believe us? Check out some of these headlines:

  • Man loses $9000 to unlicensed contractor who promised new patio
  • Unlicensed landscape contractor sent to prison
  • Fake contractor stole thousands from 87-year-old woman, police say
  • Navy veteran, others claim contractor took thousands for incomplete work
  • Sting targets unlicensed contractors in SJ County
  • NBC 6 Responds Catches Up With Unlicensed Contractor After Families Lose Thousands
  • Unlicensed contractor arrested after FOX 46 investigations
  • Unlicensed contractor gets jail time for latest felony conviction
  • WREG uncovers more complaints against unlicensed contractor
  • Fake contractor demands and keeps homeowner’s $1000 deposit
  • Unlicensed contractor was on meth when he targeted Carr Fire victim
  • NV Contractors Board issues warning about unlicensed contractor
  • NC Attorney General intervenes after “crooked contractor” continues to work

In our previous post, we discussed many of the risks homeowners face for hiring an unlicensed contractor. Suffice it to say, the liability is huge and simply not worth the risk.

In Arizona, a licensed contractor is required to give you an invoice that includes their AZ state Office of Pest Management (OPM) license number. It must also be posted on the business’ website. But, before the contractor even has the opportunity or need to send you an invoice, here’s the 1 vital question you must be sure to ask:

“Are you licensed by the Arizona State Office of Pest Management to do bee removal?” If they answer “no,” look elsewhere!

And if they answer “yes,” don’t just take the company’s word for it. Instead, verify the contractor is licensed by going to the OPM website. On the left navigation, click on “License Search” and then select “Pest Management Companies.” Type in the name of the company you’re considering hiring to make sure they are ok to do bee control and bee hive removal. If no record exists, don’t give them your business. Instead, keep yourself protected from potential liability by hiring a licensed bee removal contractor.

If an uninvited swarm of bees decide to make your home their new bee colony, be sure to call The Beehive at 602-600-5382. We’ll take care of the bee problem.

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