Bees in Spaces in High Places

Bees had built their home in the roof of this Macy’s store some 4 years ago.

No bee removal is too difficult… when you call the right company.

We were recently commissioned to perform bee removal at a commercial building. It was the Macy’s department store at the Phoenix Metrocenter Mall — a super-regional shopping mall in northwest Phoenix, Arizona. The bees were 45 feet from the ground behind a concrete wall. This was no easy task.

When the Metrocenter mall opened in 1973, many looked at it as “the place” to go hang out in Phoenix. Today, few stores remain, and attendance is not what it used to be. However, a bee swarm still felt like it was the place to go and decided to set up a home in Macy’s roof.

The AZ Beehive specializes in difficult beehive removal. We removed 100 pounds of honeycomb from the roof of a department store building in Phoenix this summer.

Problem Solving from On High

Our AZ Beehive bee removal experts first used a ladder to access this upper area of the now-closed Macy’s store, so we could exterminate the bees. There was a four-foot long gap between two walls. This was where the bees entered. Then we had to go into the building and take stairs to access the roof. Once on the roof, we cut a 2×5’ hole in the roof to access the bees’ home. We removed about 100 pounds of honey comb, cleaned out the area, and then resealed the roof.

You may wonder if 100 pounds of honey comb is a lot of honey comb. The answer is “yes!” The reason there was so much was because the bees had been there 3-4 years. (That’s a lot of free rent!)

You may also wonder why we would remove the honey comb once the bees are gone. Because the honey comb will melt down and leave an odor. And the presence of vacated honey comb can very easily attract more bees.

As bee removal pros, we love the problem, difficult jobs. This was certainly what we’d call “something out of the ordinary.”

Difficult Bee Removal Job?

There are many bee removal companies that won’t do the difficult, hard-to-reach bee removal jobs. The Beehive specializes in difficult bee removal, commercial and residential. We’ll find them a new home where their colony can continue to thrive. If bees swarm to your yard to establish their new home in your attic or under your roof, or if you find them in your place of business, they can do damage and should be removed as soon as possible.

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