What to Do When 50,000 Bees Show Up at Your Home

Having the skies suddenly darkened as a swarm of some 50,000 bees descend upon your home can be unnerving.

Scout bees’ mission is to find a new home for the soon-to-swarm bee colony. We’ve been at homes before spraying for bees, which are actually scout bees. As we’re busy providing our bee removal services, suddenly the sky is darkened as a swarm of some 50,000 bees shows up to claim its new home. It’s a most unwelcomed bee infestation, to say the least.

How does this happen?

Well, the decision to swarm to this new location had already been made before we arrived. Unfortunately, the scout bees were unable to get a message back to the colony: “Hey! Hold up! They just started spraying here and we need to find a new home!” Once the decision has been made to swarm, it’s locked and loaded and there’s no aborting this mission.

A Bee Cloud Arrives

Before you know it, it’s like a cloud of bees have descended upon your property and they’re everywhere. This can easily scare homeowners. Typically, homeowners will run back into their homes and hunker down. It may feel as if they’re unwillingly now part of some science fiction movie. We’ve seen people literally freak out over this happening.

We can only imagine what the conversation must be like between the queen bee and the scout bees:

Queen Bee: What were you thinking? This is a horrible place for our new home! Can’t you smell that nasty repellent? We can’t stay here.

Scout Bees: It was fine just a moment ago. We don’t know what happened.

Queen Bee: You’re fired!

This scenario happens a couple times a year for us as bee removers. Fortunately, all is not lost. The bees will smell the repellent and quickly detour to a tree or some other temporary home before moving on within the next 5-10 minutes.

Have You Been Swarmed?

If bees swarm to your yard to establish their new home in your attic or under your roof, they can do damage to your home and should be removed as soon as possible. Call The Beehive for live bee removal. We’ll find them a new home where their colony can continue to thrive — or just encourage them to move elsewhere if we treated your home for bees before they arrived. The bees will be able to do the work they’re meant to do: pollinating flowers and plants, as well as producing wholesome and healthy honey.

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