When are Bees Most Active?

A common question that many people have to ask when are bees most active, over the course of a day, and during the year (season).

Of course, bees like humans, are creatures of habit and instinct, thus, it is possible to determine the times of greatest activity for these amazing little creatures.

What Time of Day Are Bees Most Active?

Most bee removal experts will tell you that bee activity begins in the early morning at sun rise and hits its peak in the early afternoon and then dissipates at, or around sunset.

Bees are generally more active in the morning, assuming the weather is good (no thunderstorms), because that is when most flowers open and produce nectar.

However, as alluded to earlier, bee activity is influenced by a number of factors, such as climate, and other factors.

For example, Honeybees here in the Phoenix, Arizona metro area, tend to be most active during the afternoon and early evening hours. Africanized or “Killer” bees on the other hand, are most active at the beginning of the day (early morning) , and sometimes at night, due to lower temperatures at those times.

When Do Bees Forage?

The vast majority of bee species tend to forage (look for food) throughout the day. Most bees will usually begin gathering pollen and nectar in the morning.

What Time of Day Are Bees Most Aggressive?

Bees are usually more aggressive as the sun comes up and temperatures increase. That said, most bees are not aggressive unless they are agitated by someone of something.

Of course, bees can become aggressive even at night if they are disturbed while they are resting.

What Time of Year Are Bees Most Active?

In most parts of the country, bees generally tend to be more active in the late spring and early summer, when outdoor temperatures are a bit higher.

However, in warmer climates such as in Phoenix, Arizona, bees are generally most active in the Spring and Summer months. That is because in the Sonoran Desert, plants and flowers are blooming and offer a ready source of pollen and nectar.

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